Charter a FedEx Aircraft

Hi, I'm Dave Lange, Managing Director of the FedEx Charter program. I'm here today to talk about how you can use the huge FedEx fleet and our specialized experience for all your charter flight needs.

FedEx Charters offers premium FedEx service, quality, and reliability - All the positives that make our express system the choice of customers around the world. We give you access to the largest and best maintained cargo fleet on earth so that you can match our plane to your plan.

FedEx Charters serves nearly every market: commercial, humanitarian and military

We regularly carry pharmaceuticals, vehicles, live animals, oversize cargo, overweight cargo, perishables , general commodities, dangerous goods, temperature-sensitive freight and extreme high-value shipments

We are ready to serve any sector that requires our specialized services and that can benefit from our years of experience. If it is acceptable for air shipment, FedEx Charters has probably carried it - fast, efficiently and precisely to our customers specifications.

FedEx Charters is a worldwide service: operating in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. We fly into thousands of domestic and international airports and we can help you match your shipment to an aircraft that can serve your origin and domestic airports.

Our service is very flexible. The aircraft, the schedule and the flight plan are all based on your requirements and FedEx provides the expertise to make it happen. We assist you wherever and whenever you need our outstanding support.

In addition to the FedEx aircraft and crews, we offer customized load plans, full-time professional load masters with more than 200 years of collective experience and assistance navigating governmental regulations, including customs. We can also help you with surface pickup and delivery options and FedEx is the acknowledged expire in dangerous goods transportation.

We offer a broad selection of aircraft from our vast fleet to meet your capacity and loading requirements, as well as our special handling needs. These include: the Boeing 727-200, the Boeing 757, Airbus A310-200, Airbus A300-600, McDonnell Douglas MD10, McDonnell Douglas MD11 and Boeing 777.

We also provide feeder aircraft when needed. Of course, service using a particular aircraft is subject to availability.

The FedEx Charter website has complete specifications and diagrams for all our aircraft and unit-load devices, containers and palates. We will soon have a booklet available containing all our aircraft-related information.

Requesting a quote is really easy and you can expect a timely reply. You can submit your request online, by email or by phone. Our online quote form makes it especially easy. Just go to You can also email your request to Or you can reach us by phone. Call 1-901-224-6500 in the Americas. For toll-free calls in the US, dial 1-800-238-0181. Or, to reach us in Europe or Asia, call (49)69.69810.135.

People who are only familiar with FedEx document and package services are really surprised when the hear about some of the amazing shipments FedEx Charters has handled. We are always one of the first to respond with urgently needed aid when mother nature strikes unexpectedly. Our many gratis humanitarian flights have taken needed supplies to American Samoa, Indonesia, Mexico, New Orleans, and Fargo, North Dakota just to name a few.

We've shipped a variety of different animals in the past. Beluga and Killer Whales routinely ride comfortably and safely aboard FedEx aircraft. In 2010, we transported more than 450 show horses to and from the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky. It required 22 flights, not to mention a lot of hay. Perhaps one of the most interesting, and certainly most intense, ramping up of a charter flight was our February 2010 transport of two young Panda Bears from 2 zoos in the US, back to Chengdu, China. We have transported full band concert tours, as well as the entire field for auto-racing events. We have taken dozens of communications satellites to various launch facilities around the world. We have moved entire assembly lines and we once moved an entire printer cartridge production factory. Our loadmasters and planners are experts at moving huge art and other public shows, such as the Titanic, Napoleon, and Catharine the Great exhibits. Many of these required multiple flights.

Thank you for your time today. If you have questions about how FedEx Charters can meet your specific needs, please go to our website, call or email us

Charter a Cargo Plane with FedEx Charters®

FedEx Charters offers the huge FedEx fleet and premium FedEx® service for all of your charter flight needs. Learn what makes FedEx Charters the trusted choice for commercial, humanitarian and other specialized freight shipments.

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