File a FedEx Claim Online

It’s rare that you’ll ever need to file a claim with FedEx, but if you do, the fastest, easiest way to process your FedEx Express or FedEx Ground claim is with FedEx® Claims Online.

When you file electronically, and enter your tracking number and ship date, you will have full online access to the status of your claim, from filing to completion.

Using FedEx Claims Online, you can prevent errors from misinterpreted handwriting or phone conversations, get email notifications of your claim status, receive a reference number as proof of submission, generate and download claims reports, and receive your refund by electronic funds transfer or by check.

Save time, prevent errors, and move toward resolution faster. To simplify the claims process with FedEx Claims Online, go to

Fast Shipment Claims Online

Experience the fastest, easiest way to file a claim for lost or damaged FedEx® shipments — FedEx® Claims Online. With little time and effort, you can process your FedEx Express and FedEx Ground claims and view their status online. Watch and learn how you can simplify claims.

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