Create a Commercial Invoice to Canada for FedEx Ground

Shipments to Canada with FedEx International Ground® are easy and cost-effective, but they are export shipments, so certain international shipping regulations do apply.

The most important of these requirements is the Commercial Invoice, which has to be completed for every FedEx International Ground® shipment to Canada.

The Commercial Invoice is the main document used by customs officials for control, valuation and duty and tax determination. Think of it as your shipment’s passport.

A missing or incomplete Commercial Invoice can result in shipment delays or the return of the shipment to the sender.
The form is available at all FedEx Office and FedEx World Service Center locations, where FedEx staff will be happy to help you. You can also
download the form or use the FedEx Document Preparation Center on FedEx® Global Trade Manager to complete a Commercial Invoice.

We recommend that you complete your Commercial Invoice before completing any other forms related to your shipment. Everything on those other documents should match the information on the Commercial Invoice exactly.

For shipments to Canada, you will need to prepare three copies of the form – one original and two duplicates.

For multiple-piece shipments to a single recipient, only one complete set is needed.

Shipments that are considered unsafe or unlawful may be returned. These include, but are not limited to, alcoholic beverages, ammunition, tobacco products, firearms, other weaponry and perishable food items.

Check the FedEx Ground Tariff or with your agent to determine if your shipment is acceptable for transport to Canada.

Your importer in Canada may be charged duties and taxes on your shipment.

Duties and taxes are not charged for non-gift shipments valued at 20 Canadian dollars or less or gift shipments valued at 60 Canadian dollars or less.
A gift shipment must meet the following requirements:
It is shipped from one individual to one other individual.
It must include the word ‘Gift’ in the “Description of Goods” portion of your Commercial Invoice, along with a detailed description of the commodity.

Items declared as “Personal Effects” or “Unaccompanied Baggage” cannot be shipped via FedEx Ground® to Canada.

So, when you’re shipping non-commercial items such as your clothes, a suitcase, or your household goods, you want to avoid using these terms.

Such items are subject to duties and taxes like any other shipment.

Shipments valued at more than 1,600 Canadian dollars will not be delivered until the Canadian importer completes the paperwork necessary to clear the shipment through the Canada Border Services Agency.
Those are the most important things to remember when filling out your Commercial Invoice.

If you’d like illustrated, step-by-step instructions, we’ve posted them for your convenience.

FedEx Ground Commercial Invoice to Canada

When you export to Canada with FedEx International Ground, it’s vital that you correctly complete a Commercial Invoice. Watch this video, filled with valuable tips, and then click here for step-by-step instructions.