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You’re running your own online retail operation. You have lots of passion, and lots you want to accomplish – but not a lot of time. That’s where FedEx can help.

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Whether you’re new to e-commerce, looking to grow globally, or interested in finding more cost-effective ways to approach your existing business, you’ll find useful, objective information, including – industry insights, logistics advice, white papers, and case studies on how other retailers are approaching ecommerce. Want to know how your returns strategy can help drive customer loyalty? We can help.

In our Retailing Insights section, we share best practices to managing the holiday shipping season, winning the e-tail “free shipping war,” effective web store copywriting and much more.

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Our Logistics section gets right down to business, with insights on subjects like handling international orders effectively and packaging strategies that can reduce your shipping costs significantly. Whether you ship electronics or pastries, we have logistics insights that can help.

And so you can see exactly what these insights and strategies look like when put into action, we also give you video and written case studies on real e-tailers who have found better ways to run and grow their business.

Of course, FedEx has solutions that can help e-tailers like you, and you’ll find information on the most relevant ones right here on our ecommerce website. They include FedEx Home Delivery® and FedEx SmartPost®, as well as our wide range of delivery options and international services. We even have return solutions that will help you earn customer loyalty. Check back often to stay ahead of the latest trends as new information will be posted regularly.

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