Access the Best Rates for Shipping Internationally

If you have a FedEx account number in the U.S. and a shipment of more than 10 pounds, it’s easy to get last-minute savings on your international shipping.

No matter if you ship 20 packages per day, or 1 package per year, savings may be available using many of our trusted international services. These savings are available for exports and imports between the U.S. and more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Our online form is a great way to get a quote any time, any day… even nights and weekends. You simply submit the form, and we’ll get back to you via phone. If you have urgent shipping needs and need an immediate quote on the spot, it’s best to contact us by phone.

Let’s take a look at accessing great rates online. Go to and click on the Great Rates contact form.

After entering your FedEx account number and contact information, provide the origin and destination information for your shipment. Remember that either the origin or the destination must be the United States.

Next, enter Package and Service details. Start by checking the international service you would like to use. You can check more than one to compare rates.

Give a description of your commodity, like “brochures” or “text books” or “running shoes.”

If the shipment contains hazardous materials, please check “yes” and provide the corresponding 4-digit UN number.

Next, enter the Customs Value and the Declared Value for Carriage. The Declared Value for Carriage amount is the maximum liability of the shipment, usually reflecting the cost price of the goods. If you enter nothing, the Declared Value will default to $100, and there is no requirement to enter more than that. Remember that the Declared Value for Carriage cannot exceed the Customs Value for the shipment.

Let us know how you’ll be creating your shipping label, and how you’d like us to base your quote: by ship date, best available rate, or requested delivery date. You can choose more than one option. Then enter the ship date and requested delivery date for your shipment.

You can quickly finish the rest of the form by providing the quantity and weight of your shipment, dimensions of the packaging, and your pick up and drop off preferences.

When you’re finished, just click “submit.” Within two hours in most cases, FedEx will contact you by phone and provide you the best available daily discount rates based on the selections you made. For forms submitted after normal business hours or on weekends, we will contact you the next business day.

Once you’ve decided on the rate and the service, complete your shipment as you would normally. Be sure to use the same FedEx account number you used to request your FedEx Great Rates Hotline quote, and the discounts will apply automatically.

If you choose to call, dial the FedEx Great Rates Hotline at 1.877.463.7408 Monday through Friday from 7 a.m to 7 p.m. Central Standard Time. Be sure to have your FedEx account number handy, and the origin and destination country and weight and dimensions for your shipment. Our team will be able to provide an on the spot rate quote while you are on the line.

To learn more about the FedEx Great Rates Hotline, or to get started today, go to

Great Rates for International Shipping

You can get the best possible rates on international shipping days in advance, or right up to the last minute. This video tells you two different ways you can access rates for a variety of different shipping services using The FedEx Great Rates Hotline. Watch and start saving today on imports and exports between the U.S. and more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.