Find Healthcare-Specific Shipping Solutions

In the healthcare industry, you need solutions that go beyond just shipping — whether you’re in the business of pharmaceuticals, lab samples, surgical devices or other critical medical items.

In this video, we’ll touch on a few outstanding features of FedEx Healthcare Solutions that give you peace of mind and a competitive advantage — the FedEx® Deep Frozen Shipping solution, FedEx Priority Alert, and SenseAwareSM in-depth monitoring.

If you’re a biopharmaceutical or biotechnology company, then FedEx Deep Frozen Shipping is an ideal solution for you. This solution uses liquid nitrogen dry vapor technology contained within the CryoPort Express Dry Shipper packaging. It’s classified as non-hazardous, which eliminates the challenges associated with a dangerous goods classification. And it will hold at a temperature of negative 150 degrees for up to 10 days.

If a high degree of visibility and delivery compliance is important to you, you could benefit from FedEx Priority Alert.

With 24-7 enhanced shipment-status tracking along with operational recovery procedures, FedEx Priority Alert provides the utmost attention to your critical healthcare package.

And now you have unprecedented insight over your shipments with SenseAware powered by FedEx. With SenseAware, you have access to near real-time data, and you can share this data and collaborate with your business partners. This also allows you to make decisions faster, saving time and resources.

This light-weight, multi-sensor device transmits critical information about your shipments through an integrated web-based system, including data on the current location, accurate temperature, exposure to light, relative humidity and barometric pressure

And we’ve only scratched the surface of the many benefits of FedEx Healthcare Solutions.

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