Manage Healthcare Customer Returns

For quick, convenient and reliable shipping that runs in two directions — from you and to you, leverage FedEx® Return Solutions. By streamlining and making your return process simple, you improve client retention, supply-chain efficiency and visibility.

FedEx Return Solutions solutions offer the healthcare industry the same speed, reliability and convenience as FedEx outbound shipping. Let’s briefly touch on each of the segment main segments that returns benefits most.

For expired, recalled or compromised pharmaceuticals, we offer a simple and inexpensive economical returns process that can help you remain in compliance with FDA regulations.

For diagnostics and testing, fast transit times and overnight delivery result in minimal sample degradation and help you meet turnaround commitments for providing test results to your clients

With high value medical and surgical devices and instrumentation, timely returns are crucial. Whether it’s returns from your customers or sales reps, FedEx helps you maximize utilization and minimize inventory with the speed and reliability you’ve come to expect from FedEx.

As a result, FedEx rReturn Solutions solutions can help you improve efficiencies and cost competitiveness, provide higher service quality, benefit from greater customer loyalty and earn more referrals.

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Customer Returns for Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, you need reliable shipping that runs in two directions — from you and to you. FedEx return solutions give you reliable return shipping whether your business is in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and testing, or medical devices. Watch this video to see how you can benefit from FedEx return solutions, and then go to or to learn more.