Deliver Faster to Asia and Europe

Wouldn’t you want to gain up to half a business day of productivity – at no extra charge? That’s exactly what you get with the new enhancements to FedEx international services.

First, let’s look at the delivery commitments that are currently in place:

For FedEx International Priority, we offer time-definite, customs-cleared delivery typically in 1, 2 or 3 business days, and to and from more than 220 countries and territories.

For FedEx International Priority Freight, we also offer customs-cleared, time-definite delivery typically in 1, 2 or 3 business days. If the shipment is outbound from the U.S., we deliver to more than 130 countries and territories. If the shipment is inbound to the U.S., we deliver from more than 105 countries and territories.

Both great services, with great delivery commitments. And now, they are even better. Because now in select markets, FedEx has added a noon delivery commitment - giving you up to half a day more of productivity.

Let’s look at the services and markets that offer this new advantage:

If you’re shipping with FedEx International Priority Freight to Hong Kong, you now get a noon delivery commitment on the third business day. FedEx is the only express cargo carrier that offers express freight from the US to Hong Kong, door-to-door by noon the third business day… the earliest delivery commitment in the market. This offers customers faster access to Hong Kong.

Shipping with FedEx International Priority Freight or FedEx International Priority from the US to Nagoya, Japan? Noon delivery commitment, third business day.

For FedEx International Priority Shipments from the US to Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg or the Netherlands? Noon delivery commitment, second business day.

By choosing FedEx international services into these countries, you can plan your day, your supply chain, and your production schedule better than before. And there is no extra charge for the noon delivery commitment.

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Fast International Express Shipping to Asia and Europe

FedEx has introduced a noon delivery commitment to markets in both Asia and Europe, helping you better schedule production and run your business. Third day delivery by noon from the US to Nagoya and Hong Kong. Second day delivery by noon from the US to Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.