Simplify Your LTL Freight Shipping

FedEx has made small-business freight shipping easier than ever before. Whatever the weight of your shipments or the speed you require, FedEx Freight can handle them with two easy freight services combined into one simple shipping experience.

We provide a streamlined freight process with one carrier, one truck, one pickup

Paperwork is simplified at both ends of the process:
Use the same Bill of Lading form for all your services.
Get one invoice statement for all your freight services.

One web application supports all steps in the process, along with both desktop and iPhone application options for shipment-status tracking.

And a single FedEx Freight representative is available to meet all of your needs.

As your single-source freight carrier, FedEx offers all-points coverage, picking up and delivering to almost every ZIP code in the contiguous United States – plus options for international and offshore service to and from Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

The area where we can especially help small businesses is “less-than-truckload” freight shipping, or “LTL.” That covers everything in between parcel shipping and a full truck. It’s the most economical freight option for most businesses, because it consolidates the shipment from multiple businesses onto one truck.

The average size of a FedEx Freight® LTL shipment is 1,323 pounds. That’s about the size of a standard pallet. FedEx Freight handles shipments up to 20,000 pounds and 24 feet in length.

Most FedEx® LTL shipments are delivered in two days. Even coast-to-coast shipments typically arrive in five days. Based on your transit time needs, we offer two easy-to-use service options:

Choose FedEx Freight® Priority for your time-sensitive shipments, when speed is critical to meet your supply chain needs. FedEx Freight Priority includes extra benefits at no extra charge, including our no-fee money-back guarantee and FedEx Freight Advance Notice®, which automatically notifies you on the rare occasion shipments are delayed.

Choose FedEx Freight® Economy for your everyday shipments, when you can trade time for cost savings.

Single-provider efficiency means that you can use both services on the same day, and the same truck will pick up all your shipments at the same time. For each shipment’s Bill of Lading, just check the box for the service you want – FedEx Freight® Priority or FedEx Freight® Economy.

It’s extremely easy, and both services feature our all-points coverage and on-time reliability.

You can even customize delivery for your unique shipping needs, pairing the following time-definite service options with FedEx Freight® Priority and FedEx Freight® Economy shipments:
• A.M. Delivery
• Close of Business Delivery
• Custom Delivery

FedEx Freight® for small-business LTL shipments:
One simple experience. Two easy services.

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LTL Freight Shipping for Small Business

Shipping freight doesn't have to be difficult. FedEx makes it simple with a streamlined freight process. Watch this video to learn how using FedEx Freight® services can benefit your small business, and then go to for more information.