Order Shipping Supplies Online

The fastest, easiest way to order FedEx Express® supplies is online. The easiest way for me to tell you about it is just to do it.

Compared to ordering on the phone, the online experience is much more straightforward, because you can get a good look at every product – with both thumbnail images and enlarged photographs.

The dimensions, capacity, and part numbers are all right there. If you’re reordering something familiar, you’ll find and recognize it quickly. If you’re looking for a new product to meet your needs, we’ll help you find it.

You can search by a keyword or check the boxes for the kinds of supplies you want to see.

Some of the more specific items are listed too, so you can access them quickly. I’ll select Water Resistant Packaging, hit “Find Supplies,” and select the items that meet my needs.

And here’s a really helpful feature: When you don’t know what kind of packaging is right for your shipment, we’ll help you out.

I need to ship some posters for a trade show.

Now I just select the number I need – 10 should be enough – and add them to my cart.

I think I’m getting low on FedEx® Medium Boxes too, so I’ll order some of those as well.

There it is! I’ll take 30.

Now I’ll check out. I just click the “Supplies Cart” button up top.

It all looks right, so I click “Proceed.”

I select the address I want them shipped to and click Submit

All FedEx® supplies are free, and orders are delivered in 2 to 5 business days. You can even track your supply orders on fedex.com. Use your past orders to order the same supplies again instantly, or use the “favorites” function to give yourself fast access to the items you need most often.

Click over to the online supplies catalog now and order everything you need in less time than it took to watch this video. All you need is your FedEx account number.

Order FedEx Shipping Supplies Online

It’s fast, free and easy. Order your FedEx shipping supplies online and get back to business. We’ll deliver your supplies in 2 to 5 business days. Watch this video to learn how to order supplies online, and then click here for more information.