Print from your Android to FedEx Office

I travel a lot on business and I use my Android to keep me connected and FedEx Office for printing documents that I need while I'm on the go. Now I have the best of both worlds. FedEx Office makes it simple and convenient to turn digital files into print documents, without a computer. So I know when I fly from Denver to Chicago for a meeting, the documents I need will be ready to print at a FedEx Office location of my choice when I arrive in the Windy City.

The free HP E-print application gives you the power of mobile printing from your Android to any FedEx Office location across the country. You can quickly and easily download HP E-print service right now to begin submitting print orders to FedEx Office.

Now that you know the benefits of FedEx Office Print-and-Go, let me show you how easy it is to turn digital files into printed pieces from the convenience of your android.

To install, first select the Android Market icon and search for HP E-print. Download the HP E-print free service application. Once it's installed, provide your email address to create an account and your activation code will be emailed to you. Once it's activated, you can print from your email, photos, the web or supported file types. I'm going to print a PDF document from my file folder. Now I'll select a printer. Enter keyword search criteria or the "Near Me" option to use GPS functionality to locate the nearest FedEx Office locations. Then select your preferred FedEx Office location and print. You'll see a release code on your screen. The address, telephone number and hours of operation for the FedEx Office location you selected will be displayed. Click "Print", You'll see your release code on your screen.

Once at FedEx Office, find a self-service copier. After inserting your payment card into the copier, select "print from mobile device", enter the release code and press "Ok". Select the file you wish to print.

You can print Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint files, as well as most common image formats from the self-service copiers.

Then select "Next". When the file is downloaded, select your desired print options. Print your documents and you can be on your way. If you wish to print other file types or need any assistance with finishing options, please see a team member.

Wherever work takes me, I know one of the 1600 FedEx Office locations that support the FedEx Office Print and Go application is nearby. And now with FedEx office Print and Go, I have access to fast, convenient printing so I can get back to business.

FedEx Office® Print & Go for Android

FedEx Office Print & Go makes it simple and convenient to turn digital files into print documents without a computer. Learn how easy it is to turn digital files into printed pieces from your Android smartphone. With FedEx Office Print & Go, save valuable time on your printing needs so you can get back to business.