Manage Residential Returns with FedEx SmartPost®

Need a better way to handle your returns? FedEx makes it easy for both you and your customers.

FedEx SmartPost® is a cost-effective and reliable solution for large shippers, small shippers and those who have more than 100 low-weight residential returns a day. Here, we’ll walk you through the latter, and focus on FedEx SmartPost Returns.

Simple returns means happier customers. In fact, 75 % of consumers say a simple returns policy is a deciding factor in their shopping behavior.

In this video, we’ll follow a FedEx SmartPost return shipment from your customer back to you.

FedEx SmartPost Returns offers your customer several options to make it easy to return a package. These involve either a drop-off at a FedEx location or the choice of drop-off or pickup using the U.S. Postal Service®.

With our first option, your customer can bring the return to a FedEx Office® location, FedEx World Service Center®, FedEx Authorized ShipCenter® or FedEx ShipSite® at Office Max®.

Once your customer brings the return shipment to a FedEx drop-off location, it’s transported via FedEx Ground® first to a FedEx Ground Hub for unloading and sorting and then to a FedEx SmartPost Origin Hub for unloading and sorting. There are more than 25 strategically located FedEx SmartPost hubs across the U.S.

From the origin hub, the package is transported to the destination hub by FedEx Ground then to the FedEx SmartPost Hub nearest to you.

The return package is delivered back to you via a FedEx SmartPost contractor.

Another option begins with the U.S. Postal Service.

Your customer can drop off a package in a USPS collection box, any USPS location, or simply leave it in their mailbox or hand it to a USPS carrier. Or, your customer can request next-day pickup from USPS at

Once it’s at a local post office, a FedEx SmartPost contractor picks it up.

The contractor delivers the return package to the FedEx SmartPost Origin Hub, and the package is transported from the origin hub to the destination hub by FedEx Ground.

Then, it’s delivered to your business via a FedEx SmartPost contractor.

FedEx SmartPost Returns is an integrated returns solution that combines the strength of the FedEx network with the public access points of the U.S. Postal Service — making returns simple for you and your customers. And you benefit from detailed online tracking and reduced transit times.

You can learn more about FedEx SmartPost Returns at

Residential Returns with FedEx SmartPost

Learn how to make returning packages easy for you and your customers with FedEx SmartPost Returns®. Watch this video, and then go to to learn more.