Manage Retail Customer Returns

FedEx® return solutions makes it easy for you and your customers. We provide streamlined solutions for efficient and reliable shipping that runs in two directions — from you and to you. And in return, you improve customer retention, warehouse management and visibility.

As a retail business, you need to make returning products as easy as buying them.

In fact, a survey found that “92 percent of direct shoppers will shop again if returns are convenient, and 82 percent will not shop again if returns are inconvenient.”

So when Phil in Des Moines needs to return or exchange an item he bought on your website, keep it simple. Because when you make it as convenient as possible for Phil, he’s more likely buy from you again.

FedEx labels can be printed and included with your outgoing shipments, emailed to your customers, or accessible from your website. Your customers can apply the label to the shipment and drop it off at a FedEx drop box or you can have it picked up at his doorstep. With FedEx SmartPost® returns, the United States Postal Service can pick up your customer’s return package, or your customer can drop it off at a United States Postal Service location.

As a result, FedEx return solutions can help you:
Improve efficiencies
Increase cost competitiveness
Provide higher service quality
Benefit from greater customer loyalty and earn more referrals

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Customer Returns for Retail

Your retail business relies on returns — for customer retention and efficient inventory management. See how FedEx makes returns easy for you and your customers. Watch this video, and then click here to learn more.