Manage Customer Returns with FedEx

Convenient, cost-effective returns can translate into repeat business, enhance visibility and lower inventory costs. That’s why FedEx® return solutions give you the same simplicity and reliability you’ve come to expect from FedEx, all within the automated format you already use now.

Here, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily create a return shipment label. To get started, go to and click on “Create Shipment” under the Ship tab.

Once you’ve entered your user ID and password, you’ll be taken to FedEx Ship Manager® at where you can create a return label linked to your outbound shipping label or create a stand-alone return label that you can print or email.

First, let’s create a linked return label. Linked return labels make it possible for you to track the status of outbound and return shipments with a single tracking number.

Enter your recipient information and package & shipment details, then click on “Special Services.” Click the boxes next to “Process a return shipment” and “Link outbound and return tracking.” Choose a FedEx delivery shipping option. Then click the “Ship” button

On the Package & Shipment Details screen, choose the return label you wish to create. You can print a return label to include with your shipment or email a return label to your customer. Choose a tag option if you want FedEx to bring the return shipping label to your customer when picking up the return package.

Let’s choose to email a label.

When emailing a return label, you can add a message to your customer and set an expiration date for printing the label.

In Billing details, your account number will populate automatically. If you’d like to enter a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number, for your internal reference or tracking purposes, enter it in the required field. Otherwise, enter “NA.”

Click Ship to initiate your shipment and get your assigned tracking number.

Now, let’s generate a stand-alone return label. You can include it with your customer’s shipment or send it to customers as needed. Once again, go to FedEx Ship Manager® at Click on “Create Return Shipment” under the Prepare Shipment tab.

Complete the required return information. You still have the option to print, email or create tags, but this time we’ll choose print as our return label type.

Simply click “Ship,” and you’re finished.
Whether you are printing and packing your FedEx return labels in your FedEx® packages,

emailing the label to your customers,

or using a tag.

FedEx® return solutions make it easy for both you and your customers.
Learn more at

Customer Return Solutions

Regardless of your business, FedEx return solutions make it easy for you and your customers. In this video, we’ll walk you through how to print a return label to include with your shipment or email a return label to your customer. Watch this video, and then click here to learn more.

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