Consolidate Your Freight and Parcel Shipping

You run a small business. Sometimes you ship packages. Sometimes you ship freight. Even though these are different kinds of shipments, you can prepare them with the same flexible solution.

With FedEx Ship Manager® Software, you can benefit from a single shipping platform for your FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground®, and U.S. FedEx Freight® shipments.

FedEx Ship Manager Software gives you integrated, electronic efficiency for your larger, heavier shipments.

Let’s take a look at how FedEx Ship Manager Software can improve your LTL, or “less than truckload,” shipping experience, by:
Integrating the address book for all your FedEx shipments
Automating manual processes including shipping labels and Bills of Lading
Providing rates and tracking of shipment status
Creating customized reports
Scheduling pickups for LTL shipments

That’s how FedEx Ship Manager Software gives you a single point of control for your LTL shipments with one application – saving time, reducing errors, and giving you more opportunities to control costs.

For frequent LTL shippers, this efficiency can simplify your business and consolidate your shipping management needs. For less frequent LTL shippers, FedEx Ship Manager Software takes the complexity out of freight shipping and makes it a routine part of your business.

With FedEx® Integration Assistant, you can get assistance to help you integrate FedEx Ship Manager Software with your existing accounting,
customer service and order-management systems.

To learn more about the benefits of FedEx Ship Manager Software, or to get started today, go to

Freight Shipping with FedEx Ship Manager Software

One application for all your FedEx shipping. Simplify your freight shipping with FedEx Ship Manager Software.