Find 3 Ways to Integrate Shipping into Your Software

Efficient software integration can help in many areas of your business. The FedEx® Compatible Solutions Program can assist you with one of the most important: The systems and software that you use to run your business.

We provide support to third party software developers who want to fully integrate FedEx shipping functionality into software platforms used in business – from supply chain management to accounting. If there is a benefit to such integration in a certain area, we have probably already helped developers make it a reality.

Lack of true integration can lead to unnecessary inefficiencies. For instance, if your Warehouse Management Software is separate from your shipping software, you may find yourself re-entering data or missing opportunities to optimize your stock levels.

For true efficiency, you don’t just want to link them; you want to integrate them into a single platform. You take your shipping solution and build it into your Warehouse Management System.

That’s the process that the FedEx Compatible Solutions Program facilitates. By collaborating with third party software developers and our customers, we identify opportunities to create greater efficiency – and then we help the third party developers as they create seamless, unified solutions.

Now your shipping is a part of the platforms you use most – and that you know how to use best. You don’t have to reenter data, and you don’t have to train your employees across multiple platforms.

How do we do it?

It’s a collaborative and rigorous process, engineered to produce reliable solutions that meet specific needs perfectly. Sometimes it begins with a customer request.

We are often approached by software developers who are seeking FedEx functionality in their products.

Or FedEx Sales often identifies a customer need, and the FedEx Compatible Solutions Program group begins working on a solution.

Together we create the solution, which FedEx tests before releasing for customer use. Each third party developer attends a FedEx course before integrating FedEx functionality.

When an initial version of the software is complete, FedEx begins testing it for certification.

After it is certified and beta testing is complete the software is ready for release to customers.

Our compatible solutions can even include the integration of shipping functionality for providers other than FedEx, so it is a total solution.

Reliability and efficiency are what we deliver at FedEx, and with the FedEx Compatible Solutions Program, we build those qualities into the software that drives your business. Contact us with your needs, and we’ll help you find a solution that’s compatible with your systems and geared for your success.

Shipping Integration Software from FedEx

FedEx Compatible integrates FedEx® shipping functionality into your business software, helping you increase efficiencies and keep stock levels in check. Watch this video to learn more, and then click here for additional information.