Find Economical Shipping Solutions for Online Retail and Direct Marketing

Whether you ship a large amount of packages, a small amount of packages or need efficient returns FedEx SmartPost® is a cost-effective, reliable solution.

In this video, I’ll walk you through how the FedEx SmartPost system works if you’re considered a large shipper, which is a company that ships more than 500 residential low-weight packages a day.

If you’re an online retailer, cataloger, fulfillment house or another type of direct marketer then FedEx SmartPost® is ideal for you.

FedEx SmartPost uses the U.S. Postal Service® for final delivery to your customers, giving you access to 100% of U.S. residences — including PO boxes, military APO, FPO and DPO destinations, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands and all other U.S. territories.

You also benefit from Saturday delivery with no surcharges, no residential surcharges, reliable transit times and shipment status tracking with estimated delivery date at

Here, we’ll walk you through the streamlined process by which a FedEx SmartPost shipment travels from you to your customer.

First, a FedEx SmartPost contractor picks up your shipment and transports it to a FedEx SmartPost Hub near you. Here, your shipment is unloaded and sorted. There are more than 25 strategically located hubs across the U.S.

A FedEx Ground® truck transports the shipment from the FedEx SmartPost Hub near you to the FedEx SmartPost Hub closest to your customer.

A FedEx SmartPost contractor then delivers the shipment to a U.S. Post Office near your customer.

From there, USPS delivers the shipment to your customer’s residence.

FedEx SmartPost shipping helps you take advantage of dock-to-doorstep pick up and delivery thanks to our alliance with USPS.

To learn more about FedEx SmartPost, go to

FedEx SmartPost® for Online Retail & Direct Marketing

Ship more than 500 residential low-weight packages a day? Then take advantage of the reliability of FedEx and the convenience of the USPS to deliver to 100% of U.S. residences. Watch this video, and then go to to learn more.