Manage Customer Returns for Warranty and Repair

FedEx® return solutions provide streamlined, efficient and reliable shipping that runs in two directions — from you and to you. This helps you improve customer retention, warehouse management and visibility.

Returns are an integral part of many manufacturing and service businesses that provide warranty and repair. Our return solutions ensure your customers’ businesses run smoothly, delivering parts or replacement equipment safely, quickly and cost effectively. In turn, you keep inventory in-check and help your field service technicians work more efficiently.

Print labels can be easily included with an empty box or spare part, allowing the customer to simply insert the defective part and apply the label for return. Emailing the label directly to your customer is another efficient option.

When you streamline outbound and inbound shipping with FedEx return solutions, you:
Optimize your supply chain
Limit customer downtime
Reduce costs
Cut spare parts inventory

As a result, FedEx return solutions can help you:
Improve efficiencies
Increase cost competitiveness
Provide higher service quality
Benefit from greater customer loyalty and earn more referrals.

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Customer Returns for Warranty and Repair

Your warranty and repair business needs a return service that delivers parts or replacement equipment quickly and cost-effectively. See how FedEx return solutions help you keep inventory manageable and your field service technicians working efficiently. Watch this video, and then learn more here.

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